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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Castlevania Netflix season 1

Pilot was the only good episode. The finale was pretty cool.
Eps2 and 3 could have just been 1 EP. But ep2 was just awful. Only kept watching cause I was cleaning my room but I don't think the ending makes up for it. Overall, interesting take on the series but it doesn't really do much.

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Kuksenkov said:
I enjoyed it, but the swearing was a little too much in Episode 2.

I'll definitely tune in to the second season whenever it releases.

you have a problem with the swearing, but not with people being ripped to pieces ? weird priorities

I liked it. Mainly the first episode.

I have to say though, I kind of agree with Dracula. Except the part about killing everyone on the planet. But most of the people in that city? I say they had it coming.