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Wait for the RX Vega release. The price of the GPU should drop quite significantly.

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vivster said:
Ruler said:

400$ is cheaper? The console alone cost as much, and it wont even run better because your old CPU will bottleneck your graphicscard which is pretty wasetfull.

I would much rather buy a new XBox One for 100$ more, getting also a 4K bluray player and saving some hardrive space on my PC for porn etc.

Last time I checked $400 is cheaper than $500. And for that saved $100 you can get a 3TB drive for all your porn.

Any regular mainstream CPU from 2013 outperforms the X1 CPU by miles. CPUs haven't been bottlenecking PCs since 2010.

It wont outperform the X1Xs CPU, yes CPUs can bottleneck your expensive graphicscard. 100€ wont be getting you a 4K bluray player, i much ratehr have a complete new device for 100 bucks.

Hiku said:
Vasto said:
Part Name Price
CPU AMD FX-8300 (3.3GHz, 8-core)
Motherboard ASRock 970 Pro3 R2.0 ATX AM3+[3][4] $45
RAM Patriot Signature 8GB DDR3/1600 (1x8GB) $47
Graphics card Gigabyte Radeon RX 580 8GB Gaming 8G[5] $266
Storage Western Digital 1TB Caviar Blue 3.5” 7200RPM HDD $50
Optical Drive LG UH12NS40 Blu-Ray drive $43
PSU Thermaltake SMART 550W 80+ Bronze[6] $35
Case Thermaltake Versa H21 ATX Mid Tower $34
OS Windows 10 OEM license $32
Shipping Motherboard ($1), Graphics Card ($9) $10
Total: $652

You probably don't need an optical drive for gaming, since pretty much every modern game is available digitally on PC. So that's -$43.

And if you already have a PC, you probably already have storage, a case, and an OS you can use on your new one. That's an additional -$50, -$34, -$32.

$652 - $159 = $493.

So if you already own any kind of PC, you can turn it into a monster for $493.

You can get a case + PSU for $45
Some cases will be an issue with other motherboards.
You can however just use the box the mobo comes with.

Impossible as the CPU/GPU driver optimizations were put in silicon...

So basically the XBOX One X is a high end PC gaming machine at an incredibly affordable price. Thats pretty cool.

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Not surprising since apparently Microsoft will sell it at a loss. If only they market it as a "next gen" console they will sold more.

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