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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is your single favorite game you saw from E3 2017?

Kjartan said:
If I absolutely must choose one.... it's The Last Night.

That game looked amazing! Holy shit!

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OT this was a weak E3, i want to play days gone and spiderman, anthem looked amazing but its hard to get excited about a bioware game again and i am 100% sure that game will not look that good on the release.
i will pick spiderman because i liked the demo they showed. One of the few E3 that there is not a single game i will pick day 1, no big wrpgs too .

I pick spiderman.


Oh lord I've got a few. Mario odyssey, Spider-Man, Shadow of the colossus, Days Gone, Super lucky tale, The Evil Within 2, DBZ.

Probably Shadow Remake was my fave. Can't wait to see those massive bosses on my 55" 4K tv.

Super Mario Odyssey, hands down. That game looks like it can easily surpass Galaxy as my favorite Mario game. Hope it delivers!