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PS - does anyone know if there is an easy list of physical games that specify if a game is full on cart or not?



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Did we ever update the totals?

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TomaTito said:

Starlink (P)
Project Highrise (P)
The Next Penelope (D)

EDIT: Looks like you are also counting the free games: I have downloaded Fortnite, Paladins, Tetris 99 and Warframe; although in reality I only play Fortnite. Also got Deltarune Chapter 1 and Kitten Squad for free.

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Membrane (D)
Crypt of the NecroDancer (D)
Hollow Knight (D)
Super Chariot (D)
Celeste (D)

I'm also getting those Qubic free games, but they should not count.

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By the way how does the point system work? I had 11 third party games and have 3 points on the leaderboard.

Zelda X Necrodancer if that counts.

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