Do you drink?

Yes 121 54.02%
No 103 45.98%

Yep, I love beer, but I only do social drinking. I like to get a bit fuzzy at parties.

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Not very often but I enjoy the occasional 7&7 maybe once every other month. A nice hot cup of sake always hits the spot on a cold winters day, although it's an acquired taste. I never drink just to get drunk though.

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Lager and Pilsners. Red wine, not red. Few whiskeys if I feel like it.

Not often though, most i have is a few units a month socially or when cooking.

Hmm, pie.

Don't get me wrong, I think not drinking is fine. My issue is all of these people who claim to have never drank, and yet somehow assume alcohol is incredibly addictive and will ruin your life and kill you. That is a truly bizarre thought.

Yes, people who abuse alcohol in a very bad way can do harm to themselves, but it is far FAR more common for people to do harm to themselves by abusing unhealthy food products. Drinking one bottle of a soft drink is much more harmful to you than drinking a bottle of beer. Overeating or eating too much of confection items is much more harmful than than getting drunk.

Plus, having a little bit of alcohol, regularly, is quite healthy for you. Aside from lowering blood pressure, beer and wine have antioxidants that combat heart disease. It is also A LOT better as an anti-anxiety than any pill. Nervous about a date? Public speaking? A shot of something takes that edge away. Alcohol also helps keep neurons fresh and healthy, and can be a strong method of preventing alzeimers and dementia. Alcohol also increases creativity, this is why so many great novelists are also known for their alcohol tastes as well. Moderate amounts of alcohol also prolongs youthful looks, and can activate longevity genes which increase a person's lifespan. Alcohol is also great for soothing symptoms of colds and other sicknesses, in fact, it has been shown that you're only 40% as likely as a non-drinker to get a cold, and will have much more moderate symptoms if you do get one. There is a good reason why many remedies for sore throats, colds, and other sicknesses, are essentially just liqueur with some menthol or other medicinal ingredient.

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Burbon and beer. Often together. Only with food though,don't drink for the hell of it.