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ex bungie guys.... makeing a VR game with a mouse?

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They sure are spending a lot of time on VR games. That's good to see.

This sucks. And that's coming from a Sony fanboy.

VR is the new 'multimedia' capabilities segment for these conferences. At least until the technology is more mature and affordable.

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Ka-pi96 said:
FF15 VR fishing game?

You'll be getting Days Gone Ka-pi

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Yep, well, FFXV was dull so it's fitting something related would make the dullest part of the show. And, well, too much VR right now. Time for coffee.

Yay, VR segment over!

Is this mouse game based on reepicheep from Narnia? THAT WOULD BE AWESOME lol

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dahuman said:
This conference literally started out pretty well then turned into fucking shit just like every fucking year.

weren't you going to say this regardless of what they show?