Forums - Gaming Discussion - Final Fantasy VII Remake Only Now "Moving Into Development Progress Phase"

gergroy said:
KLAMarine said:

Really? Source?

Great job regarding Kingdom Hearts 3. That game had a trailer at E3 2013 and that's already four years ago. Japanese developers show the West how it is done.

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gergroy said:
KLAMarine said:

Really? Source?



...At least the trailers were nice.


Am I the only one here that thinks this is great news? I don't see the doom and gloom here.

Look at this, finally Nomura gets the support and the work force that he needs to make and polish his game. And 3 years is perfect timing for trading in your PS4/Pro for a PS5.

You just have to survive by then. Hopefully WW3 don't happen.

I think it boils down to what E3 has to say, if it has something to say at all.

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RolStoppable said:
gergroy said:

Great job regarding Kingdom Hearts 3. That game had a trailer at E3 2013 and that's already four years ago. one Japanese developer show the West how it is done.


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I mean, it's SE. Of course this is the case.

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Just like with FF Versus XIII and the PS3, I don't see any point in announcing a game so early just to move it to the next gen system. Should do it like Fallout 4, announce it when it is basically done.

think-man said:
So apparently the CEO has come out and said, don't expect Final Fantasy VII or Kingdom hearts for at least 3 years. At this point id rather they just got moved to the PS5.

He said that FF7R, KH3, and Avengers would release within 3 years. That is not the same as at least 3 years.

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StarOcean said:
Bristow9091 said:

Yeah, it does seem a little unfair that when people talk about the company they refer to it as Square and talk about how bad the delays and releases are for Final Fantasy, yet completely forget about Enix and that they're just as bad, if not worse, when it comes to releases... I'll admit I'm guilty of doing it lol, although that's probably because, to me at least, Square is a much bigger name in the gaming industry than Enix and I tend to forget about that half of the company, lol.

Enix has been very consistent. There's only ever been a 4yr gap between Dragon Quest game entries. And those 2-4yr gaps are consistent. Don't be dragging down the good Enix name with Square. Star Ocean has had development issues ever since the merger between the two when the Square side started hoarding money. But yeah, don't be talkin' shit about Enix they're the ones making games more than once a decade XD

Enix themselves have never made a game in their life they contracted out games to other developers, so we could say we have waited decades for them to make their first game.

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