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Who is the worst modern day AAA videogame publisher?

Konami 142 25.96%
EA 208 38.03%
Activision 76 13.89%
Ubisoft 79 14.44%
Other (please specify) 42 7.68%

EA. Never should have been given the rights to Star Wars. I'd rather it go to even Activision. EA is the fucking worst

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Oh god, does an 11 way tie count?

Activision- Up until recently, I wouldn't say they were particularly worse than their competition, but oh god, that matchmaking patent...
EA- Do I need to explain?
Capcom- I get the feeling that they DESPISE Switch owners, and will stop at nothing to rip them off to an unbelievable degree. Seriously, I'm not buying Street Fighter II AGAIN for $40, only for you to still "wait and see" after it does well.
Warner Bros- Releases broken, buggy games? Not so out of the ordinary. Refusing to fix them in favor of focusing on DLC? Screw that.
Nintendo- In some ways, they are actually improving. But this doesn't change the fact that they're pretty much the Antichrist when it comes to anything internet-related, whether it be actively seeking out fangames to destroy, youtubers to screw over, or having terrible online services.
Sega- Aside from Sonic Mania (and even that was heavily banking on nostalgia), their latest games are just... not good.  Also, the Shining Force copyright strikes incident.  NEVER FORGET.
Bethesda- Stop trying to make paid mods happen, please? You're gonna destroy one of the biggest advantages to PC gaming.
Ubisoft- Never ever ever ever ever ever buy a PC game from these scam artists. On console, you should be fine.
Konami- Once again, do I need to even explain?
And finally, Microsoft and Sony- Whenever they reveal a new console, one of them is gonna end up with egg on their face, garanteed. Then one generation later, the other is gonna outdo them in anti-consumer crap. Whether it be the legendary PS3 reveal or the even worse Xbox One reveal, you know you're gonna have a great time.

In conclusion: If you boycott companies easily, just find a new hobby.

Well Ubisoft the least i hate on that list, anyway. At least they try. Not sure about the others but Acti seem malevolent beyond just earnings. Maybe thats just me.

1.1 userscore. lmao.

These days, pretty much everyone.. Just in their own shitty ways. Gaming is depressing as fuck right now.
The least bad of the bunch for me though is propably

Sony for making excellent singplayer games like they used to make them. With diversity in its genres.

I would say cd project red, but as good and complete as witcher 3 was, they still did a graphics downgrade from their early footage.

Would also add Nintendo, but amiibo's are just another type of microtransactions. Their game quality be damned. This makes them a poor publisher aswell in my eyes.

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EA, hands down.


EA, their idiotic approach to Switch and the fact that they have so many IP's that they intend to fuck up.

Nothing to see here, move along

EA. They're dead for me now.