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Forums - Sports Discussion - The Official NHL Thread - NHL Season underway!


How well will Vegas do?

President's Trophy 1 5.00%
First in conference 1 5.00%
First in division 0 0%
2-3 in division 4 20.00%
Wild card 7 35.00%
Outside of playoffs 5 25.00%
Worst in division 1 5.00%
Worst in conference 1 5.00%
Worst in league 0 0%
barneystinson69 said:
COKTOE said:
Let it be known that I'm the person who voted for Las Vegas to win the President's Trophy.

You were shocking close...

They are in the wcf now. #FleuryIsTooGoodRightNow

Ha. Yeah. It was more dumb luck than anything tbh. I wasn't aware of exactly how much the NHL gifted Vegas in the expansion draft until very recently. They had more players to choose from than any expansion team had prior to them.

Chris Hu said:
Well it looks like the Capitals will win it in five.

Maaaaybeeee. I'm hoping the Capitals win, but it's not over yet.

- "If you have the heart of a true winner, you can always get more pissed off than some other asshole."

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Washington will have 3 chances to win the cup. If they don't they will still be chokers.

The Knights are not much of a physical team, they are much more finesse. The Caps are similar, but can bring a physical presence if they really need to. You can see it has taken a toll on Vegas over the series and they don't know how to deal with it. They should be doing everything to play keep away and stay off the boards at all costs.

I think they made a big mistake tonight. They weren't coming back short of a miracle and should have just played defense and allowed Washington to coast. This is what led to the two Vegas goals in the third. The Caps had gotten lazy and cocky already. Vegas clearly decided to make a go of it and try to pull off a five goal comeback, which was a huge gamble. It didn't pay off and not surprisingly, the Caps woke up fairly quickly and held down the fort.

Then Vegas decides to make an even worse decision, and give everything they got to put on a good show and try to intimidate Washington, which was completely a lost cause. All they did was let the Caps know not to show up for the next game thinking they were going to walk away with an easy victory. That is EXACTLY what you would want them to think though. Let them have a super easy victory tonight and let them get lazy and cocky and assume they can stroll into Vegas and take candy from a baby. Then hopefully Vegas shows up to play and slaps them around, crushing their hype, getting themselves back into the series on a high with a chance to keep up momentum.

I worry the Caps are on the ball and know exactly what they have to do now, and are going to make Vegas execute to perfection to have a chance of defeating them. I've got nothing against the Caps because a few of them have waited long enough, I'd just prefer Vegas to win. Seems like they've run out of tricks though.