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Forums - Sports Discussion - The Official NHL Thread - NHL Season underway!


How well will Vegas do?

President's Trophy 1 5.00%
First in conference 1 5.00%
First in division 0 0%
2-3 in division 4 20.00%
Wild card 7 35.00%
Outside of playoffs 5 25.00%
Worst in division 1 5.00%
Worst in conference 1 5.00%
Worst in league 0 0%
HomokHarcos said:
I know it's not NHL, but a horrible accident occurred in Saskatchewan that killed 14 people in a junior hockey team.

14 people?! Heard about this last night, but christ!

Made a bet with LipeJJ and HylianYoshi that the XB1 will reach 30 million before Wii U reaches 15 million. Loser has to get avatar picked by winner for 6 months (or if I lose, either 6 months avatar control for both Lipe and Hylian, or my patrick avatar comes back forever).

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Okay, predictions? I’ve got:

Minnesota over Winnipeg in 6
Colorado over Nashville in 5 (the first round upset)
Vegas over LA in 7
Ducks over Sharks in 6

Toronto over Boston in 7
Tampa over NJ in 4
Pittsburgh over Philly in 5
Washington over Columbus in 7

Minnesota 1-4 Winnipeg
Colorado 2-4 Nashville
Las Vegas 4-2 Los Angeles
Anaheim 3-4 San Jose

Toronto 2-4 Boston
Tampa 4-3 New Jersey
Pittsburgh 3-4 Philly
Washington 4-1 Columbus

Nashville Predators 4-1 Colorado Avalanche
Minnesota Wild 4-3 Winnipeg Jets
Los Angeles Kings 4-3 Vegas Golden Knights
Anaheim Ducks 4-1 San Jose Sharks
New Jersey Devils 4-3 Tampa Bay Lightning
Boston Bruins 4-2 Toronto Maple Leafs
Columbus Blue Jackets 4-2 Washington Capitals
Pittsburgh Penguins 4-2 Philadelphia Flyers

Nice night tonight. Only 3 games to kick off the playoffs, but great energy/atmosphere. Winnipeg fought hard to win against the Wild. Pens crushed the Flyers. And the hype. The hype in Vegas. Lol. They just scored as I am typing. Great crowds all around, but the scene in Las Vegas was the craziest.

- "If you have the heart of a true winner, you can always get more pissed off than some other asshole."

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The Flyers didn't even bother showing up today.

Crosby’s first goal tonight was unreal.

Boston 5-1 Toronto: Was not expecting the game to be this lopsided. Toronto had a poor penalty kill and that was what cost them.
Washington loses game 1, could be (actually probably) another disappointing exit.

. Having trouble linking something.

- "If you have the heart of a true winner, you can always get more pissed off than some other asshole."

3 goals in 3 minutes for Tampa Bay against New Jersey, and I actually predicted New Jersey to win this series.