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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch Revisions Are Basically Already Possible

I can't believe we were already talking about revisions the week after the Switch came out.

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tak13 said:
Do you see Nintendo adopting the policy of MS and Sony regarding revisions? Isn't more rational given NS hardware nature?
I mean a lite version ( we just got it ) and a pro version only, unlike 3DS which had five?
What do you expect?

I don't expect Nintendo to follow Sony and Microsoft.

It bothers me that so many people keep saying Pro version when the credible rumor of the Wall Street Journal explicitly said that the modest upgrade that is in the works won't be like a Pro console; I've seen way too many people talk about a Pro today. This modest upgrade might also launch this year or maybe in the first half of 2020 if Nintendo decides so; in either case, I expect this upgrade to take the place of the original Switch which will be phased out due to redundancy, so there will be only two models sold at the same time.

The advancement of technology for portable devices makes it sensible to launch another round of revisions in late 2021 or 2022 to provide better battery life and minor improvements. Such revisions will be similar enough to the preceding models to phase out the older models. I don't expect any significant changes to processing power, so at most we are going to see a situation like 3DS vs. New 3DS where only few games will take advantage of it.

Then in the late life of Switch Nintendo could decide to milk sales with a home-only variant of Switch (no screen, no battery) and/or a clamshell handheld-only Switch (although sticks that double as buttons don't go well with such a design, so it has to be seen if circle pads can do the same thing). But such SKUs are a lot more farfetched than those outlined in the paragraph above.

The 3DS had six different models during its lifetime and I expect Switch to have at least five. It would be surprising if Nintendo didn't take advantage of the realistic options to have Switch SKUs with better battery life, especially because hardware revisions of portable consoles tend to have a bigger impact on sales than revisions for home consoles.

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