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Forums - Sales Discussion - Will Uncharted 4 outsell Halo 3?


Will Uncharted 4 outsell Halo 3 lifetime globally?

Yes 120 73.62%
No 43 26.38%
Turkish said:
V-r0cK said:
As long as Sony keeps releasing UC4 bundles then it's definitely likely.
vivster said:
Only with bundles, no way without.
crissindahouse said:

Halo 3 was bundled a lot but I can't really take Uncharted 4 sales serious if you have to buy it to get a PS4 (which seemed to be the case for most people second half of last year)

Areym said:
If it keeps getting heavy bundles, I think so. Without them, it may take a few years or may not even reach it.

Wasn't Halo 3 like one of the most bundled games on 360?

I don't think some of you guys were around or don't remember how heavily it was bundled.

Halo 3 was certainly bundled but it is completely uncomparable to Uncharted 4. Just listing North America sales because they are easy to find.
In North America Halo 3 sold 4.82million copies according to NPD.
According to vgchartz it sold 4.24million first year in the USA + whatever it sold in Canada and Mexico. So bundles were a small percentage of total sales.

Uncharted 4 didn't make the NPD top 10 for the year.
Final Fantasy made that top 10 list with sales of 1.71million.

So unbundled Uncharted 4 sales were less than 1.71 million copies in North America.
According to vgchartz 3.54million copies were sold in North America so over 1.83million of North America's "sales" were bundles. That is literally over half of the game's sales in North America.

Here is a comparision of the popularity of the Halo 3 and Uncharted 4. It is not even close.,%2Fm%2F010x69ky

Here is another comparison between The Last of Us and Uncharted 4 just to show you it's not just due to Halo being an online centric game.,%2Fm%2F010x69ky