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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Microsoft Removes Snap From Xbone

So glad it's gone. I hated the snap feature. Have they added a genre search to the store yet? I've been wanting that since launch

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torok said:
If they are replacing it with PiP, it's a definitive upgrade. Instead of wasting an entire 1/4 of the screen you can just use a tiny square. Much better.

Maybe it's not a much used feature, but it's definitively great and I would like to have something like that on other consoles. Normally people don't want to game and do other stuff, but I would use it to follow a soccer game while playing.

I like it somewhat simply because when I play gears of war 4 elimination, waiting for your turn can get boring.

I was disappointed until I saw those pip photos. Looks great. I haven't received the update yet though I am part of the preview program.

XBox did us so dirty smh they creeped that feature out in the middle of the night lol

PiP would be a huge upgrade, so long as it can be moved around the screen. Because of the nature of UIs in video games, the acceptable area for TV box is different with every game.

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TaMpAbLaCk said:
XBox did us so dirty smh they creeped that feature out in the middle of the night lol

No.. They did not.. This changed happend for a SMALL number of people in the Preview Program.  Most of the Preview people did not even recieve it, let alone about 25 million consoles.

This change doesn't come until the April update. So you are finding out about the upcoming change about 2-3 months before its out even.

So yeah. 

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Ganoncrotch said:
Robert_Downey_Jr. said:
Good. You can't watch 2 things at once. You can have 2 on the screen but you're not really watching either. You're just half watching each and not getting the whole experience. If I want to not pay attention to a movie or game I'll play on my phone to do so.

How very un "Iron Man" of you.

uh that's one thing.  I'm making a new atom.  If I were doing that, and had the Godfather next to it you would have a correlation.

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