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Forums - Sales Discussion - Switch Sales Predictions: Open Your Eyes - UPDATE: Switch LTD Shipments Reach 92.87m by September 30th, Forecast for Current Fiscal Year Revised Down to 24.0m (Semiconductor Shortages)


I actually feel like 2021 is more like 2009. I could see holiday sales in 2021 edging out 2020. Essentially:

2020=2008 (peak year, coincidentally we got new Animal Crossing games and the global economy tanked. both were considered quiet years from Nintendo after Q1.)

2021=2009 (first year where sales declined YOY)

2022=2010 (pretty big year as far as releases are concerned)

2023=2011 (last major releases with SS on Wii and likely MP4 and Gen 9 on Switch)

2024=2012 (successor launch during the holidays)