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Forums - Gaming Discussion - So Emily Rogers and Eurogamer were creating fake news and fake rumors?

Matsku said:
NATO said:

I just ignore all "leakers/insiders", because real insiders keep their mouth shut.

As for the things she "got right", a broken clocks right twice a day.

I mean she nailed most of her nx leaks.

which she got from Eurogamer,she was parroting them

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Pagan said:
Yeah but important is to bash supermetaldave64 because he had only one rumour false and this was not even a rumour but his opinion.

Of course he deserved it. He was mocking over and over anyone who believed in the hybrid idea or in the Nvidia rumour or that it could be less powerful than a PS4:

View on YouTube

View on YouTube

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Would not be surprised it Emily is infact trans like Laura kate Dale, something to do with a desire for attention that e-fame gives and seeking self validation