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ClassicGamingWizzz said:
Do we even need threads about this? Switch is both home and portable consoles, that is why its called switch.

We don't need it, but padib does. Intrinsic made the argument that the Wii U is not a home console, so padib got confused and had to make a thread about Switch.

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padib said:

Guys, it is possible that thread locking is getting a bit out of hand.

I just created a thread to settle the question of the Switch being a home console, because people are still claiming that it is not a home console.

Actually, just a moment ago I made this thread to help us avoid derailing another thread where people mentioned with certainty that the Switch was not a home console. My resort was to create a thread dedicated to the question so we could just talk about it in one place and settle it for good.

Would it be possible to PM the thread maker to ask their intent before the lock? I could have explained the reasons and the usefulness of the thread. Otherwise we may just be going round in circles on the question. If the question is resolved and we can't make threads discussing it anymore in one place, then a provision should be in place to allow us to report as trolling when people say the Switch is not a home console, because it will most likely lead to derailing.

While I usually don't agree with Rol, this reply to Nautilus' complaint (probably the guy who reported the thread) sums up the problem:

Also, for the record, what threads discussed this before? I did a search on google with " switch is a home console" and got nothing. I'm asking because the lock note was "Sorry but we've had this debate too many times as it is, and don't really need another thread retreading the exact same topic, so I'm locking it."

And another thing, in the past you guys mentioned that you moderate as a team. This thread was locked curiously fast for what it hoped to discuss. Was this locked as the decision of one person without team reflection about the reasons for the thread to exist? I'm pretty sure that as a team you might have understood why the thread was made.

Just to leave it on record: I did not report anything.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

As before, this thread has been an experiment unlike any other on the site. However, after some considerable discussion with other moderators, the mods agree that The Moderator Thread has run its course. Its benefits, as with previous mod threads, just do not exist anymore.

Here are a few things that lead to this decision:

1) This makes Mod Thread number three. It only existed because the previous two were locked for the very same reason(s) this one is being locked. Continuous attacks on the mod team (much of the time without evidence of serious wrongdoing). Also, some of the OPs rules and suggestions were often ignored, which was then used as a way to again attack the mod team about clarity, and thus, became counter-intuitive. In fact, we've have a counter productivity problem for a good 3/4 of the thread's life.

2) Many mods (past and present) agree that the idea of The Moderator Thread is flawed. This is mainly due to the fact that banned users can discuss their bans with us at the moderator email and this thread adds a redundancy. It didn't feel like we could really connect with the banned user in a way that would lead to real discussion (and in the few times that it did, it was accompanied by backseat moderating, which I'll discuss in a moment). Too often, discussions would turn into attacks on other users and the mod team. Of course, we did get some reasonable discussion out of a few users, but it wasn't enough to outweigh other things.

3) Backseat Moderating. This was a serious issue with The Moderator Thread and every mod thread before it. Mods asked that people not do this, but that again exposes a flaw in the very core of the premise — it is invitational to backseat moderating and no amount of "please don't do this" had any real effect.

When I stepped up to Head, I knew several mods wanted to see this thread go, but we decided to keep it open thinking it may do more good than harm. Sadly, we've seen enough to realize that the dream is dead. Much of the time, people used this thread to perpetuate agendas, preconceived notions, etc.

That isn't a full list of everything we found wrong, but either way, it has become a burden on the mod team once again. It became something it wasn't supposed to (and shouldn't have), and generally ignored the main party it was intended to work with: the moderated user. This major flaw was removed with the addition of the mod email 5 years ago, so really, such a thread wasn't needed for a third time. As Smeags once put it, The Mod Thread: "only created middle men in the best sense, and agenda pushing at its worst."

Going forward, I encourage moderated users to use the mod email if you have issues with a moderation given to you. Of course, some of the same rules apply there, so please use it reasonably.

To the users that brought great discussion here, we really appreciate it. As in VERY MUCH! For now, we're moving forward and will keep looking for ways to improve.

-CGI-Quality and the rest of the Mod Team.

Last edited by CGI-Quality - on 15 August 2020