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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will the Nintendo hatedom go down after the Switch reveal?

Airaku said:

I think that peoples opinion on Nintendo is going to change fairly soon. I think people are going to be very surprised when they see what Nintendo might be bringing to the table with the Switch. Based on what I've heard and putting 2 and 2 together. We're going to see some major changes with Nintendo's brand image.

Also... I hope people don't get upset if Nintendo announces a premium online service with a monthly/annual fee. If my speculation is correct you will be paying for a premium experience, NOT for the right to play games online. Online gaming will remain free. This is a premium service to enhance your experience in a way that is NOT part of the initial console offering promise. Tons of gamers will easily pay $15-$20 a month for this, easily. Nintendo will be laughing in cash flows as they sell a cheap little device that could.

Of course this is all in theory.... just my own speculation. Nothing more. Nope. :3
I really don't even know if this is going to be a reality or not but fuck it! I'd do it! I'd pay that premium for that awesomeness. Cheaper than all of the alternatives if Nintendo offers something like PS+ or PS Now.

But really.... my skepticism of the Switch is suddenly starting to die off pretty quickly. I think Nintendo is smart wait until revealing the ideas behind the Switch. We know about the hybrid stuff, but wait till you get a load of the content in 4 days xD


So I guess I was wrong about online gaming being free. But.... the hatedom was strong with this one. Double-triple LOL!!!!!
I wished they would speak more on this mysterious service. Nintendo needs to convince all the Nintendo fanboys why they should pay. They're competing with Sony and Microsoft on this one rather you want to admit it or not.


PS. As for the voice chat thing that was we revealed. Are we positive that the system it self won't have voice chat? When I read about it online tonight I got the vibe that it meant that we can use an app on our phone to be in parties and organize gaming sessions away from our console. I'm pretty sure the Switch will have voice chat. The original DS did for god sakes with Metroid Prime Hunters.... UGH! I can't even comprehend that they would do that. I think that this is just some miscommunication because I don't think Nintendo would charge people to use their phones to chat. People will just use Skype, Google Hangouts, Line App (mega popular with mobile gamers) or another third party app to organize and hang out. Just where is the logic there guys? but hey! Nintendo has done stranger things before.

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konnichiwa said:
I think the hate now mostly comes from Nintendo fans...The group I was not expecting the hate from.

The twist of the week. Im seeing alot of angry/dissapointed Nintendo fans.

konnichiwa said:
I think the hate now mostly comes from Nintendo fans...The group I was not expecting the hate from.

Yep, we need to enjoy the moment now. In less than two months it's gonna be back to glorifying Nintendo.

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