Forums - Gaming Discussion - What will be the first game of the new year for you?

Playing skyrim on ps pro on a 4k tv, enjoying it a lot now with a decent framerate. but i have so many games in my backlog lol

Uncharted 4
Deus ex
Watch dogs 2

And last week i tried Shadow of Mordor but i fucking hate it, what a waste of money this one, even on pro looks bad, boring combat that to increase dificulty they raise the number of orcs, sometimes there is like fucking 30 orcs and 3 overpowered ones to kick my ass. Boring repetitive quests, story weak as fuck... Just bought this because tomb raider was not on sale and i got fucked ...

Probably will play uncharted 4 next, its not a long game and after lots of hours in skyrim i need a good story focused game that i can end in a week.