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Forums - Gaming Discussion - [Graphic][Never Forget]Man gets attacked after opening PS4 for Christmas

What a nice Cat.

I want to get him now.

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It's why I don't like cats :P


His face as he gets attacked


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That box, the Playstation box? It's fucking empty. So what was this video then? Just some half-assed attempt to re-created the N64 kid video? At any rate, it's pretty sweet that that cat gets him. The guy got some pretty decent injuries from this. He's ok. But hurt. Which in this case seems like a win.

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Kerotan said:
KLAMarine said:

Do you have pet frogs?

I am a pet frog. 

If you say so...

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The Cat previous owner must be crapgamer

KLAMarine said:
Kerotan said:

I am a pet frog. 

If you say so...

Yes,  my master! 

So many cat haters here...
You saw what they can do, just wait for it, your turn will come soon...

This happened last year. Never forget.

Is your neck in good hands?


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