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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - WTH? Square Enix actually considering Kingdom Hearts III for the DS?

This game would benefit the Wii more than the DS and would over all see better sales most likely given the limited appeal of Final Fantasy related games on the DS (at least what would be expected of a major game like KHIII).

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I wonder why when I clicked the link, it gave me no page, when I typed in the domain, I got no page, and when I googled "", I got results that all led me back to this thread...

Oh, because Soriku made the whole thing up.

wtf is this doing in the MSFT section?

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A year later and another fooled.


Originally I was gonna make a KH3 for 360 thread but thought that was too obvious. Changed it to DS but forgot to switch forums. Just adds to the lulz though.

LOL....Very Nice Soriku..damn i was about to slander SE

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I wonder how this thread could be digged up after such a long time.

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Man and here I was getting excited. Oh well, at least we'll have 358/2 Days in less than a month now!

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Wow, I remember this thread. Was it really that long ago...

I can see the headlines for another scenario.:
"Final Fantasy 15, exclusivley for the Nintendo DS"


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