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Forums - Politics Discussion - Trump claims evidence of voter fraud in Texas

Good lord... he shouldn't even have to worry about Texas.... the fact that he is even mentioning it means something has gone massively wrong for him.

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I feel like it's important to point out that not only is the election not going to be "rigged" against him, but he is actively telling his supporters to try and intimidate people they think will vote for Clinton.

He's complaining about unfair elections, while trying to manipulate the system to his favor. Through a method that is just barely legal.

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Bandorr said:
sethnintendo said:

Kicking people off voter rolls because they have the same or similar name as a felon isn't election fraud.  That is just how Republicans play ball.

I'm talking about how the registration place was raided by the police. There is a law that you must turn in ALL registration sheets no matter what (to prevent fraud) and that those sheets were used as justification to raid the place.

So a law designed to prevent fraud (throwing out sheets that only favor one party) is what they are using as "evidence" to investigation this africian american registration place that going door to door etc has registered over 45k people.

There has been no evidence released that they actually found fraud, but I also can't find any information saying whether they will allow those people to vote or not.

Yea that Indiana instance kind of reminds me of Florida in 2000.  Right before the election Jeb Bush was quoted as telling Bush Jr that Florida was his.  How did he have the foresight to know that Florida would be his?  Well he gave orders to his bitch Secretary of State Katherine Harris in charge of voter rolls to purge as many Democrats from the rolls as they could by removing people with similar or matching names of felons.  So a decent amount of people showed up to vote in Florida which should have been allowed to vote but were told at their voting center that they were not allowed to vote. 

Yea, so I might have been "joking" about my last comment but it isn't a joke.  Republicans constantly try to find ways to surpress the vote.  It is the only way they view that they can stay within power.  So what is happening in Indiana is of concern.

Thought things could get worse? Well now he would rather just cancel the elections and be given the Presidency.

“What a difference. What a difference. And just thinking to myself right now, we should just cancel the election and just give it to Trump, right?” Trump said as the audience erupted in applause."



Didn't think Republicans loved voter suppression?  Well looks like they have three groups of people they want to suppress the vote on.

which the bottom quote is taken from which is an interesting article that goes into the "Trump bunker" and the people he surrounded himself with (mainly talking about some Parscale guy).

“We have three major voter suppression operations under way,” an unidentified senior official with the Trump campaign told Bloomberg News in a story that ran this week on Trump’s political apparatus. The unnamed official said the Trump campaign’s explicit goal is to discourage three groups of people from voting: idealistic white liberals, young women, and Black voters.