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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - (Update: 61.44 Millions as of June 2020)Prediction:Switch will go on to sell 100+ million units

I am not sure about 100m, but definitely can be very successful.

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I need to see the tablet functionality before I agree to it selling above 80m

I think the inevitable stand alone handheld (still dockable) and stand alone $99 box will get it to 80m

I'd say 100m is the best case scenario, it's likely going to sell a lot less. We still lack many important details, but I'm moderately optimistic so far.

40m, with around half of it in Japan.

I've heard from a credible source (a prophet, actually) that it will sell 240 million, just like in the 7th and 8th generations.

OT: I have quite a thoughts of my own on the NS, but I want more info before making a proper analysis of the situation. For now, I'm far from sold on the concept and I see more problems than solutions with the core idea.

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AZWification said:

I think 1 billion is more likely, mate.

Why stop at 1? More than 7 billions humans on the planet, so 7 billions is the minimum! We know most of us will buy several consoles...


Realistically speaking, we don't know enough about it to really predict the sales. 100M is almost impossible though. Depending on the details (price, power, battery...), it could be from 20m to 50m IMO. Don't forget that when it'll get to 10 or 20M, 100M people will already own a PS4 or Xbox One. The market doesn't have an infinite number of buyers (the total number of buyers on this gen will most likely be between 150 and 200M, depending on the Switch's success). Let's not forget the really bad release timing either, in March between the PS4 Pro Christmas and the Xbox Scorpio Chrismas (3 months only before the Scorpio E3). The audience able to increase the Switch's sales is the 3DS audience. As long as the 3DS is alive, the Switch's sales won't be that great. And when the 3DS will die, if they don't release the 3DS2, they'll still need to attract the audience to the Switch instead of the other mobiles/tablets. We're still not sure about the future of handheld Nintendo consoles, they're not clear about it (and the 3DS is their backup plan for now, so they won't be clear about it for a while). I think that a lot of 3DS players won't buy a Switch, like a lot of DS players didn't buy a 3DS...

Possibly a lot more than 100 million.

With the combination of the new features, the target audience is a lot wider than any console Nintendo has ever released. And it is hitting that target audience with a really great looking product. My gut says 2017 will be a very big year for Nintendo, but 2018 will be bigger, and 2019 will be their biggest year ever for a single platform release. 2019 will be a Pokemon year.

I predict this platform will have a lot of high fidelity third party games, as well as the largest array of indie titles on any gaming console ever, by far.

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There are a number of confusing factors at play.

Japan will probably go crazy for this as they like this kind of concept.
Expect rest of the world to not really care as much, just because most non nintendo fans will be like, meh

I think 30-40m is a reasonable amount that I would expect it to do, I think people thinking 100m, are way off as I think most consoles these days will struggle to do that. Things have changed.

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naruball said:

Seems like a lot of people learned close to nothing from the previous generation and their failed predictions.

I keep hearing how wiiu wasn't well received. That couldn't be further from the truth. Reaction on vgc was extremely positive and there was post after post praising the concept and stating with absolute confidence that it would surpass the wii. That didn't happen and NS selling better than perhaps even ps4 is just crazytalk.

I still remember the threads claiming that it had won Japan before even coming out because it was getting a Monster Hunter game. We all know how that turned out.

Most people simply don't game outside their houses. Things have changed. The sooner people realise this, the better. But something tells me that even if it fails, there will be similar threads in like 5 years arguing that the next ninty console will sell x, because NS wasn't a good concept, it had a stupid name, or whatever. Mark my words.

True this. I remember when nintendo revealed the wii u, nintendo fanboys were all excited and thought it would be as successful as the wii. The switch looks too big for a handheld and perhaps underpowered for third parties to port games over. I think it wont sell more than 40 mil

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