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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - (Update: 61.44 Millions as of June 2020)Prediction:Switch will go on to sell 100+ million units

At this point, anybody who is still saying 100 million LTD is just straight up delusional. That number is the floor... in the basement!
The bare minimum should be 110 million.

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Feel like Switch could make it to the 135-140 million range now. Upping my prediction around 10 million from high 120s.

61 million now, add in 15 million for rest of year = 76 million
20 mil 2021
16 mil 2022
12 mil 2023
6 mil 2024 (successor launches)
5 mil combined 2025-2027

That's 135 million right there and obviously I didn't even do any super optimistic sales there.