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Forums - Sales Discussion - Early Nintendo Switch Sales Predictions

tak13 said:
Lawlight said:

There are some for $144 on Amazon. Plenty for $159 on Gamestop's website.

Why did you have to reply to this?

The  price of 3ds xl was 199$, till new 3ds xl came! Of course there will be old models at that price, how else would they be sold, when they have become obsolete due to the revision release?

It's the same with Ps4/ps4 slim/ps4 pro price policy...

I'm talking about the New 3DS XL. The regular 3DS XL is available for $125 on Amazon.

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As a home console it will have the same appeal of the Gamecube. Maybe even more when they launch it as a stand alone $99 box. As a handheld it will have less appeal than then the 3DS, but that just means tons of return buyers when they announce Switch lite. As a Hybrid It have appeal thar neither the 3DS or Gamecube could manage. As a tablet it'll be very appealing to kids and ve sought after then the 3DS by that demographic.

Arkaign said:
Prices at launch, expected sales extrapolated :

30-50M if $199

25-40M if $249

15-20M if $299 or higher :(

5-12M if $349 or higher

If you would have meant 1st year sales with that, that would have been the jackpot

etking said: 

If the OS is IOS or Android and the controller can be used on any smartphone it will sell more than the Gamecube. If not, it will sell less than Wii-U.

But Software sales and Nintendo shares will skyrocket if the games can be played on Android or IOS.


And so many sub-50 million predictions, Wii U really shattered the expectations of many.

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