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Trump or Hillary?

Trump FTW! 305 51.69%
Hillary all the way! 285 48.31%
Soundwave said:

The latest polls (as in the ones coming out today and the last couple of days) show Clinton rebounding from the low point in her campaign (being sick at the 9/11 event) and starting to re-establish a 5-point lead over Trump.

Both candidates are very unpopular though, lol, with Clinton at 40% favorability and Trump even lower at 37% (yikes).

We'll see what happens in the debates.

Though, Wagner since you're such a hardcore Christian, shouldn't Bernie Sanders be your candidate? He is by far the most "Jesus-like" candidate, Trump is the furthest thing from that, lmao. 

A lot of Christians are not fond of Christ-like people.  Many take those who talk it but don't walk it where as Bernie walked it but didn't talk it.

Massimus - "Trump already has democrat support."