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Bofferbrauer2 said:

How did you get that Shantae background?

By finishing a Steam badge of a Shantae game.

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JEMC said:
I've gone from 116 games in Sept. 2016, to 180 games last July and the 198 that I have now after the Winter Sales when I added another 6 (3 from my generous Secret Santa).

It looks like I'm slowing down, and focus more on playing games rather than buying them .

In the last year I've gone from 198 to 214 games on Steam. 16 new games... more than I thought. Plus another 52 at GOG, 28 at the Epic Store (all free), and a bunch more at UPlay and Origin.

Please excuse my bad English.

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I have 562 games in my steam library.

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Well, it's time for another update:

GOG Galaxy's "share stats" is still extremely basic, I'd love to see separated stats for each integrated platform:

Well, at least they seem to have fixed the achievement counter:

But GOG Galaxy 2.0 had a very nice new feature: it now can show all currently available subscription games (PS+, XBL Gold, Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass and GamePass Ultimate). Subsciption games only get counted to the owned games (and Xbox games or PlayStation games), if you install them.

And still no integrations of more platforms all this year so far. I'd love to add my Oculus Rift, Switch, PS3, Vita and Xbox360 libraries to Galaxy 2.0:

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31. However, I haven't played on Steam since 2018. Probably going to change that soon. But considering I have a PS4 Pro, there's not much reason to get many games on Steam. I don't have a Gaming PC. Just a laptop that's theoretically stronger than an Xbox One and PS4, but in execution seems to perform worse than an Xbox One. Runs better than the Switch, though.

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According to Steam

7 games over 100 hours (Cities in Motion 2 and Terraria biggest time sinks, 523 and 443 hours)
4 games over 60 hours
4 games over 40 hours
6 games over 20 hours
5 games over 10 hours
16 games over 1 hour

43 games played out of 99 games listed on Steam. (Yet some are double like Ori and Ori definitive edition)
Ending up with unplayed games is easy when you buy heavily discounted bundles.
Most of the games weren't bought on Steam, heck even the physical editions of Civ5 and Beyond Earth are listed under Steam.

I'm currently playing KSP through Steam, no doubt that will rise as a time sink considering I already spend over 100 hours on the demo years ago.

I have almost 1500 hours in Rocket League

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m0ney said:

I have almost 1500 hours in Rocket League

You should really start playing more.

It's actually not a terrible game.

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0. I just recently made an account in case there are free games to claim.

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Update since I answered in here almost four years ago. I have 223 on Steam now, not half bad up from 185 back then. I think part of the reason I have bought relatively few games there is the PS4, I've bought about 20 games for that as well during these past 4-5 years. I now have 97 games on GOG and 24 on Origin, the Origin ones are only FIFA or free games though, I still try to avoid buying games from EA (and Origin, since it's still a shit service in comparison with Steam and GOG).

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