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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Companies owe us nothing, let the Ps4 Pro have no Blu-ray player.

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Do company owe us?

Yes, we are fans and they... 20 34.48%
No, we are just consumers... 38 65.52%

You are absolutely right that sony does not owe us anything. But as consomers, we also do not owe Sony absolutely anything. That is why we must be very vocal about every bad decision they make and work as hard as possible to make them regret that decision. 

There is a reason companies are able to get away with doing things that clearly don't benefit the consumer. And that's because of loyal fans, which sadly do exist, who defend those shitty decisions and average consumers who think they can't do anything about those shitty decisions. 

The xbox one online only launch turnaround was a perfect example to show that it is possible to convince a company to make drastic changes with enough outrage.

And even if you were not planning on buying a console you should be very vocal about every shitty decision they make, because those shitty decisions might end up being made for your console of choice as well. Example pay to play online originating on xbox and now being on playstation as well.

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I find it funny how many people on vgchartz bitch about a feature they are not going to use in the first place. I think Sony is right to wait with UHD blu ray until the PS5 it is not like their games can take advantage of the new media in the first place. As for OP it has a BD drive, it just doesn't support UHD blu ray.

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This sort of bend me over mentality is dreadful. The consumer is evrrything. Without consumer feedback, the original xbone plans would probably still be in play (granted, lack of UHD drive is no way as dramatic).

Yes, people will buy your products in spades, but you also end up looking like a laughing stock. Look at Apple. Their demise is just round the corner hopefully.