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Forums - Sports Discussion - How well did your nation perform at the olympics?

The Fury said:

I can understand the points both of you made. It's a shame as while in the UK the world cup and even football in general is bigger, we love a good sporting event like this. In a way I can see that in your education system that if a teenager can run fast, they won't be pushed to be a sprinter but a running back, if they are tall and jump well, they won't be trained to be a high jumper but a basketball player.

I would think the US would be somewhat interested as it is their chance to show the world how good they are at things and saying 'We're the best national in the world.' type deal. Oh well.

Exactly, our best athletes get pushed into football and basketball, with track being an ancillary sport they might do on their free time and competitive swimming being available mostly to kids from relatively wealthy families. 

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Shite. Had a boxer busted for drugs which embarrassed our country, had 2 of our best boxers way off their best and had another boxer who destroyed his Russian opponent for a bronze medal but the judges were paid off and he was cheated.

To top it all off the head of our Olympic committee was busted in a ticketing scandal and is currently arrested.

One or two pleasant surprises but overall a massive let down.