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Forums - Sports Discussion - The Official Olympics Rio 2016 thread - USA Get Most Golds, 2nd GB, 3rd China

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Brilliant closing ceremony.

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I missed almost all of it. Sh!t

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farlaff said:
So, all in all, the games were nice around here. Final wrapping thoughts?

I thought the games were a success. Some minor problems here and there, but overall everything went okay. Far from the disaster many were predicting it to be. 

In fact, I'd say Brazil did a much better job at hosting the Olympics than France did at hosting Euro 2016, despite the Olympics being a significantly larger event, plus Brazil is far less developed and safe. 


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I thought it was good, great to watch so many sports over the period. Team GB did great with so many medals, some very surprising too. Winning the Hockey was surprising.

Hmm, pie.

Ummm... can't wait for Tokyo 2020! I heard Mario is going to be there.

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Britain was very impressive. Almost topping China in total medals, coming 2nd in golds.....good show. USA ridiculously dominant, somewhat expected, but you can never take these things for granted. Germany up on gold medals from last time by a fair bit, which is nice to see.

I'm very impressed with USA's medal count. They've got a lot of great athletes. Perhaps the best athletes in the world are from the USA. Hopefully, my country Canada will do much better in the winter Olympics.

AZWification said:

Romania was absolute trash at Rio 2016. Only 4 medals, 2 of which were bronze! For fuck's sake....

What happened to Catalina Ponor? I missed her!

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okr said:
Brilliant closing ceremony.

I agree, never knew brazilian culture was so beautiful... Also Tokyo really did heat the things up!

The Bitch is back! And better then ever! #BritneyReturns

SONY Bring them BACK for PS4 and VITA!

USA does it again!!! Great olympics, so proud of my country. Also, if you want to bring up population count like some of you guys did, here is a chart to prove USA did great (second place).