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Somebody's triggered.

It just makes sense if your product isn't selling great to keep the options down. Of course great for us and the XB1 is a good console but unless MS think this will shift the tide (it won't) and they can sustain 3 different models and whatever bundles they decide to have, they are going to have a lot of stock stuffing the channels. If they want to drop a new bundle they will have to clear some of that stock out of the channels which will lead to more fire sales.

All in all the slim will provide a boost in sales but after the honeymoon period, it will just drop back to the level of sales pre-slim. I don't think it will sell enough to have 3 different models, but opinions hey!

@bold. It can't fall back to the pre-slim levels because history tells us that MS and Sony revisions boost sales. It happened last gen. People like this new and improved versions of their favorite consoles, and the boost in performance will only increase support for MS while getting rid of the old stigma the X1 had on launch.

So it doesn't really make sense to assume that sales will just fall back to the original levels.

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Wow, so it was legit. I was mistaken.

Pemalite said:
endimion said:

no it's not, power supplies is the most likely element to fail on any device, it's also one of the most heat generating element, and the one you need to switch if it's not universal and you go in different countries...

there is nothing remotely good about that... Its like people have their console standing in the middle of the living room with no cable... I like my PSU as far away from the device as it can/should be...

that's like people liking audio/video device and furniture being white... When white is video (light) worst enemy... And then they talk about graphics...................................................................

Most Powersupplies are universal, they will work on 240c, 230v, 110v etc'... The only thing you need to worry about then is how it connects to the power source.
If a power supply is designed properly, it shouldn't add heat to the system, but actually help with airflow and thus asisst in the removal of heat. (Aka. This is what PC's tend to do.)
Besides a Powersupply at 200w~ or less isn't exactly big, bulky, hot and expensive and unreliable.

not on consoles no they are not... I should know I have delt with the issue for more than a decade living between north America and Europe Europe for almost half of my life...

but it doesn't change that to this day the power supply is still one of the most likely component to fail in any electronic devices even more so when it is miniaturized to fit in a smaller space and even mor when that miniaturized psu is fit in a tight space with other heat generating elements... And that's true for PCs... If you keep your config unchanged till failure pretty sure beside mass memory disk errors due to read write the first thing that will go will be your PSU... And I don't what PSU you have had on your PCs but mine have always been enclosed so tight in an aluminum box that the vent is nowhere compensating the heat generated to help air flow... And that would be true for desktop PCs only anyway...

anyway I have seen and fixed or changed more PSU on laptops, desktops, consoles, TVs, sound amplifier, etc... Than any other comp heck my last one was on a professional grade treadmill that was fuse protected...

If they were not comeing out with the new one next year I would buy when it comes out