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iNathan said:
It's a great time to be a gamer pc Xbox or Playstation.

Nintendo? Not so much, barely 3rd party support meh

We will see how NX does.  I don't need a 3rd console running the exact same shit, so we will see.

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Azzanation said:
Hynad said:

I don't need anyone to tell me if something is good or not (especially someone like you), and unlike many here, I don't base my opinion on the reputation of a franchise or developer.

Good for you, im not asking you to believe me, im stating facts, so there is little to no argument here on this 1st party lineup topic. You can like whatever you want. Like i said i before, I loved Medievil but it wasnt recieved well or sold great. Thats my opinion on the game, just because i loved it doesnt mean its the best game for that generation.

No, you state your own special facts backed up by your opinions. N64 had some good first party titles, but it was only a few. Mario, Mario Kart, Ocarina, Majora, Star Fox, Banjo 1&2... But for nearly every good game on N64, I can think of two games on PS1 I'd rather play. 


And thats called an opinion. 

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