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padib said:
Scisca said:

Don't hold your breath, it will be 600-700 Euro in Europe, at least in the beginning.

No, the definitions won't change. Mainstream is what the vast majority has. It will either be the 1070 or an AMD card, considering their plan to go strong into mainstream VR. I see no reason why people with 1070 would think their cards are too weak to try VR.

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Maybe the problem is that you don't understand the meaning of the word "mainstream"? 600-700 Euro will not be mainstream, it's already enthusiast level. Listen to what AMD is saying all the time, they are preparing affordable VR-ready GPUs. They won't cost nearly as much and from nVidia the competition will be the 1070.

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So Computerbase finally tested the first custom 1080. The Strix OC from ASUS goes up to 2000MHz.

And it's still just 22% above an overclocked 980ti. People who are switching from that are crazy.

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Looks like the GTX 1070 is gonna be around 500 euros.

I need someone from America to help me buy it from there and ship it to me, anyone willing to help?