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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - If Nintendo joins the club of paid online multiplayer, how would you take it?

If that ever happens, I guess I will stop playing multiplayer online. I mean is really good, i like it, but i play about 10 days out in a month, and one of the reasons i support the Wii U is because it's free. IMO, It should be a free service, you already pay full price for the games, and to pay additionally to play online... sorry i can't stand it.

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The same way i handled it with the 360 and with the PS4. Not paying a dime.

My online multiplayer is done on the PC. If console manufacturers want me to buy their multiplayer games they have to try harder than that. Otherwise my moneys go for the PC.

Theres unfortunely many that support the practice so thats that. I know of people that didn't buy the ps4 aswell because of that. That thing is worse than they think, but having some money cached in invites the greed.


They really should make it a different service where you can play X hours for free per month and for more you need to pay. But... the greed.