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Forums - Sports Discussion - Will DOPING be more prevalent in Women's Sports with the the entry of transgendered females?

Imagine if all the medals would be dominated by trans people. What a strange thing o.o Would they be forced to hold no-trans-competitions? Would that split the community, or would "real" women competitions just fade away, in favour of higher results?

But if trans people were denied acces due to being trans, wouldn't that be a way of saying they weren't actually "real" women? Thus, making them and all the activists very offended and angry. "Institutionalized trans discrimination!" ugh. Sticky situation

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I'm sorry, but that is absolutely untrue. There's a reason they don't have male vs. female basketball, or softball, or tennis, or soccer (futbal), or American Football, or rugby, or hockey.....or pretty much anything. It's because human males, by nature, are built specifically to be (on average) physically bigger, more powerful, and more athletic, because they are intended by nature to be the hunters, the fighters and protectors of the group. Women can be great athletes, some of the very best in the world. But no, it is not "negligible" at all. There is a stark difference in the raw speed, strength, size, etc. etc. of most of the TOP male athletes in any given sport in the world, vs. the TOP female athletes in the world. And that is not, in any way shape or form a knock on women. That's just Nature, it's scientific fact. Men are on average bigger and stronger. Women were not built by nature to be hunters, fighters and protectors, so of coure men are (in general) going to have an advnatage over them in athletics.

That does not mean that there aren't some women who could compete or excel in male sports leauges. But what it does mean, is that they would be at a severe disadvantage in almost every sport. Could you imagine even the very best WNBA player competing in the NBA? If she's a great shot, sure. But in spite of the increasing amount of fouls, the NBA is a physical league, and a woman playing against 6'6"-7'0"+ men, just would not work out that great in the end. That is why they have a women's league in the first place. Could you imagine a woman trying to be anything but a kicker or punter in the NFL? Playing any other position, needing size, strength, speed and power, not to mention big athletic men being naturally built to absorb more physcial punishment......a woman would not last in the NFL, most likely.

It's not a matter of sexism whatsoever. It's simple science. There are women leagues because it evens the odds, and makes sports what they should always be: fair. And if you have a trans, who spent most of their life a natural born male, and they use cosmetic surgery and hormones to try and become female, that does not change or negate the fact that they were born a man, and are built like a man. As an athlete, they are going to have a physical advantage of some discernable sort over natural born female players. And that honestly isn't right or fair.

WolfpackN64 said:
The physical advantage of males is in most sports negligible or even non-existent. You could just mix alot of the sports.


Please tell me you're joking.


Lets see what man will be pussy enough to claim a medal from women, cause he 'feels like a lady today'…

SuperNova said:
jonager said:

i really doubt this, i wouldn't bet my money on federer or djokovic losing to serena in 5 sets match.

Actually the sisters were trying to defeat the 100th best male tennis player in the world. He turned out to be this drunk, who had a very lax training regimen, smoked on the court during breaks and played them softballs on purpose so they would have a chance. They still lost miserably.

Afterwards they changed it to something like the 130th. The guy turned right around and told them to get a rematch, as his rank had just dropped to that......I think they gave up challenging male Tennis players after that.

Females and males have drastically diffrent upper body strengh, it's nothing to scoff at. Men have less flexibility and more explosive muscle power in general, making them better at short distance running, jumping, swimming and throwing. Females flexibility makes them better at any kind of gymnastics, figure scating, ballet and high diving. Males are also supposed to have better reaction times than females, which makes a big diffrence in esports. Especially twitchy ones like SSB or LOL. (There's no evidence for males being superior strategists as far as I'm aware, which is why that all male Hearthstone turnament was one of the rare occasions of genuine bullshit on the turnament scene.)

All in all. Mixed Teams are cool and should be done more, but the seperation is overall very much justified.

Actually the guy the William sisters played against was ranked 203rd.