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So hyped for this game. Cant wait for more at e3

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foodfather said:
roborad said:
a major criticism of the past gears games was how super macho and big/cartoony the characters looked.
I really like the new look, makes it more believable.

So people have to look metro in order to be believable??? 

Rubbish. What next,  Eddie Redmayne would make a great Terminator or Rambo?

These guys look like generic Borderlands/ Guardians of the Galaxy type clowns. Not feeling it one bit. 

...just saying it was a common criticism.    

It's a new studio.  Maybe they just want to carve out a new set of models that looked a bit more grounded in reality for their characters in order to better match the environments and world building the game expresses.  And I honestly don't know how to classify something as generic, do you?  Do you have certian qualifications or standards that a certain character model has to not possess to be qualified as generic?  So long as the characters have a good story to tell with great performances, I'm all in.  

Cool if you don't dig it though.  Different tastes, different opinions.  Nothing wrong with that.  

LipeJJ said:
Don't know why, but they send me good vibes! They look like fun and interesting characters. I never played a Gears of War before, but I'm definitely interested in this new one... hopefully MS have a good deal/bundle when this game drops, or during holidays. <3

I'm with you. I love the new look and I like that they're keeping it looking modern. The space marine look worked in 2006, but the franchise needed a new look and so far, it's getting it!


I like the look of the characters. It still has a gears feel, but more realistic.

hmmm okay will reserve judgment until i see more...don't like the main characters look tho