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Forums - Sony Discussion - Uncharted 4 Delayed to May 10

Microsoft surely hopes quantum break is good. They have a real chance to take a month now

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Flouff said:
Microsoft surely hopes quantum break is good. They have a real chance to take a month now

Now would be a great time to stop talking about upgrads and PC lol.

No reason for a $400 out of stock console should be outselling a $299 in stock one. No Wii U comments please 

Probably done in reality to not bone Ratchet and Clank too hard.

That's fine, cause i think i'm going to buy over 20 Nintendo games exclusively(Wii U/3DS mixed) on April.

Edit: Oh yeah, i don't think i can play Uncharted 4 once i recieved the game, because i'm being invited by my friends for camping at least three days. And again, i'll be playing Doom a whole month.

Yep! I'm biggest monster! xD

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TheGoldenBoy said:

It works out better for my schedule and it's better for a game like Ratchet & Clank, but fuck man we're going to have to wait even longer to play it.

I just really, really hope it doesn't somehow get delayed again.

Well there are still plenty of bugs to fix so who knows 

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

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Normchacho said:
Dr.Henry_Killinger said:

regardless of your sarcasm, this is an absurd reason for a delay. Digital Copies are "Instant" and "infinite", mass produced physical copies require a couple seconds?

Fixing "bugs" or we want a "better release schedule" are more legit excuses.

Okay, lets go through the logic here. It is not uncommon for a game to get delayed because the developer needs more time to polish. In fact, I think it's safe to say that a pretty good chunk of gamers are happy when a developer does that since it likely means they game won't be broken when it launches. So, if that were the case, why would they lie about it?

Actually lets even say that isn't the case, and they don't want to say why the game has been delayed again. Why make up such an odd reason? As I said, debugging is such an obvious answer that people would barely bat an eye if they had come out and said that. 

Also, lets not pretend that the entire process from digital file to physical product in a customers hands is just the time it takes to litteraly print the disc. The company that makes the discs is going to need to have more of them on hand, more cases need to be made, more cover art and guides, they need to be packaged, and then shipped all over the world to retailers. So no, it's not "a couple seconds"., the process has been improved; 

and this isn't the game's first delay

so there is a reason for them to lie, 

"ensure that all gamers worldwide have the opportunity to play the game on day one" is much better PR at this point then, still ironing out bugs.

As innocous as you suggest bug fixing is, three delays dealing with this issue does not bode well. Delays aren't a prequiste to well designed/well running games.


And besides, I never suggested they were lying. Rather I think all delays are evident of poor planning and a delay for something like this which should be fairly trivial to plan for, unless U4 preorders suddenly skyrocketted in a random week or something, isn't something one would expect from ND. That's why I mention 2016, cause ND is a 32 year veteran of the VG Industry of ~46 years. Big 3rd parties with there CODs, FIFAs, and GTAs don't have this problem, or at least we don't here about it.


"Oh boy, we want to ensure everyone who wants to get a copy day one will,"

as though delaying everyone for 2 weeks is better than the hundreds of thousands(exaggeration) that might have to wait at worst that long to get a physical copy of the disc they're gonna use 1.5 times to install the game on their HDDs. puh-lease

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