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Thunderbird77 said:
Train wreck said:

MikeRox just said that people who pay for EA games are likely to have Nintendo console in conjunction to other consoles/PC, so what 'tons of money' are they leaving on the table catering small percentage of the gaming world who only have Nintendo consoles.

First: Who?  And based on what? Also, by that way of thinking, most of their ps and xbox customers probably have a PC so why not make it PC exclusive? It's not like people want to play games on their system of choice, right?

I'd more say it's not like most Nintendo console owners have wanted to play these games on their Nintendo platform historically.

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Thunderbird77 said:
Miyamotoo said:

It not about EA only, third party games are always selling worst on Nintendo platforms because people buy Nintendo platforms for Nintendo games on first place. But without 3rd party games Nintendo platforms cant have mass appealing, because there are people who dont want only Nintendo games if the buy Nintendo platform.

If they games are selling bad, they definitely didn't lose tons of money. Why do you think EA won't support Wii U or 3DS, they will definitely support them if the think they can make tons of money on WiiU and 3DS.

When we talk about need for EA support for Nintendo, isn't about money Nintendo will make from EA games, its about that with EA games and third party support Nintendo platform will be much more desirable platform than with Nintendo games alone, that means more sold Nintendo platforms and Nintendo games.

First, Wii had much better third party suport than Wii U, second Wii was casual platform for players from 5-99 years old, its unrealistic to expect that Nintendo will do something similar again. Wii U proved they can't support platform that doesn't have very strong gimmick alone.

Yet again wrong, it's called reaping what you sow. Third parties sell worse when they don't try. When they do try, they get better sales on nintendo platforms. When they do crappy decisions on ps and xbox, they also get poor sales there, No magic involved.

You can talk about third party support or EA, one doesn't equal the other. Also, it's safer to say sony and ms NEED third parties or else they'd crash, nintendo has been profiting without them for a while. Theyr support helps a console's success but isn't absolutely necessary for staying in the market.

Wii didn't really have much better 3rd party support than anything and calling it casual just screams for me to ignore the statement.

Wii U proved many things but not the ones you talk about.

If it's that simple, then why do third parties pick Nintendo consoles to consistently take a dump on, instead of trying harder? Why don't they sometimes put more effort into the Nintendo version of a game and give the PS or Xbox version a half-ass port? Better yet, why don't they just make the best possible game they can make out of every console version of their games? In your scenario, that is literally the only factor that effects sales.

Screamapillar said:

This is the thing that always gets me, and I know you can't pick and choose what news is. News is news. Having said that:

One thing is true, without a doubt: There will be more people bitching and complaining about EA not putting enough content and not supporting new Nintendo platforms, than there will be people that actually purchase the games EA does publish on Nintendo platforms. Been that way since early 2000's.

Even if the planets aligned, and EA and Nintendo each did exactly what the other company wanted each other to do, there still wouldn't be a cultivated, mature base of loyal customers willing to just *switch* from Xbox or Playstation. Truthfully, there's really no reason for it to even happen. People that buy franchise Nintendo sequels in the fives or tens of millions do not buy officially-licensed sports games. Xbox and Playstation have done an amazing job catering to the loyal, dedicated sports fans that come back every year and spend a baseline of $60 without even the slightest hesitation. It's not worth it/ beyond all hope to even attempt to get a certain percentage of those people to switch platforms.

The only way EA could sell their games on Nintendo platforms is to:

a) Find a way to creatively cater to Nintendo fans (of all ages)
b) skew to a younger demographic with certain titles

In other words, create new customers. Stop trying to get current customers, that are completely satisfied with their current systems, to migrate to Nintendo platforms for no apparent reason, and have a worse experience, and then complain that you can't make money on Nintendo platforms. When you don't try, or really put any effort into it, you tend to not achieve spectacular results.

They tried this for a bit on the Wii:



The All-Play feature was essentially supposed to be EZ Mode or casual mode to draw in people who are turned off by the complex controls of most sports games, but EA kind of overdid it by making the games successively more and more retarded, making All-Play the only way to play in some later games and drastically simplifying the graphics by having just a few basic models for specific positions in games like Madden.

burninmylight said:
KLAMarine said:

Then I'd suggest those people invest on a different console.

They already have. This is a big part of the reason why Nintendo is in the state that it's in.

So then all is well.

RolStoppable said:
superchunk said:
For generations I clamored for better 3rd party support. Now I don't care. All I want to see is what Nintendo will do with nx.

Congrats. You've leveled up.

Thought you would appreciate this.

Basically, I've decided that no matter what I'll end up buying Nintendo consoles because Nintendo games. If there are enough 3rd party games I want and they are not on Nintendo hardware, then I'll buy a 2nd console for that. This is why I owned a PS3 and this is why I currently own an Xbox One. meh.

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Regarding EA, I feel like Star Wars games could potentially perform pretty well on the NX!

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Nintendo need to add those annual EA games as it sells and it would help gamers that only has budget for a single console to play both their Nintendo favorite games plus the EA games.

gabzjmm23 said:
Nintendo need to add those annual EA games as it sells and it would help gamers that only has budget for a single console to play both their Nintendo favorite games plus the EA games.

Yes, Ninty would like those games and EA action adventures too, but EA secret plan actually is to give NX microtransactions. Yes, I shudder even just at writing it.   

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KLAMarine said:
burninmylight said:

They already have. This is a big part of the reason why Nintendo is in the state that it's in.

So then all is well.

If all was well, this thread wouldn't exist.