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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Forza Motorsport 6/Gears of War 4 Coming To Windows 10 (RUMOUR)

I guess M$ wants the XBO to be a "W10 machine" just like the Steam machines, but with Windows 10.

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If it means they're more profitable and in return supported for longer then im totally ok with them going to pc, i own a xo and dont own a pc so its not as if my console is losing its value. Them porting games to pc isn't suddenly going to kill the sales of the xo. If they both support cross play (which id be very suprised if they didnt) then a bigger, more active userbase is always welcome. All in my opinion of course, i can totally understand the people who dont own an xo views.

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An interesting move. It would mean more sales but you have to think about how it will undercut X1 sales in the process, so perhaps Microsoft feels porting it to PC will outweigh less X1 sales.


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walterbates said:

I don't understand these fanboys. One one hand they are disappointed that they're losing exclusives and then say it's all part of the Windows ecosystem so it's okay.

Id love to know who them Fanboys are also. Please do explain this post.

zero129 said:
Mr Puggsly said:

Im not in the mood for debate so let me just wrap it up.

Everything is important. Overall library, price, marketing, etc.

Im not gonna argue whats most important, it all is. You like arguing, sometimes I think you say things for the sake of arguing.

There are many examples of sales going up when ________ happened.

its kinda one of the reasons why i stopped replying to him too. Its like he totally misses your points, goes off about things you didnt say and brings other stuff into it and even when you explain things he still repeats and misses your points.

This was funny from him "PC Gaming wasnt a thing when call of duty started" ROTFL!!. Seems like he doesnt notice Call of Duty started on PC and also doesnt notice PC made the FPS genre YEARS! before Call of duty ever even launched on PC lol.

You don't reply for me because you don't have word for Argue ?, Exclusives aways, was, is, and will be, the most important thing to sell a Console, you can create anything you want, if you don't have the public for it, so is Useless.


How much Doom, and Wolfeinstain, sold when launched ?, Doom 1, sold over 1.5 Millions of Units (until 2000), and Doom 2, over 1.8 Millions of units (until 2000), Wolfenstein, in 1 Year and 7 months, only sold 100 Thousands of Units, Quake, needed Quake 1 + Quake 2 + Quake 3 + Quake 4 + Spin-off Quake, to achieve the sales of 4 Millions, and you guys says that is a Tremendous Sucess ?, is not a sucess, not even close compared to the Consoles Best Seller, as i Said, if you have 10 Millions of Players, and sell 4 Millions of units, with 5 games is a big Sucess, but if you have 200 Millions of Players, and sell 3 Millions of units with a game, is just normal, but this does not means that the "Great Sucess" from the small market, is bigger, than a failure of the Big Market.

They can have created the Genre, but they are nowhere popular as you think.

And i need to Remember the Top Sellers of the 90's on consoles ?, Metal Gear Solid, over 7 Millions, Tekken 3, 8-9 Millions, Resident Evil, 9 Millions, Final Fantasy 7, over 10 Millions, Gran Turismo, over 11 Millions, Mario, still sold Multiple Millions of units with all the franchises, Pokemon, sold Dozens, and Dozens, of Millions with just 1 Tittle.

Even on PC, had more popular tittles.


We are talking that the Shooter Games, were Created on Pc, And because of that the games would have to sell better on PC, and the guy with the Dog Photo, was arguing saying that don't sell more on PC, because the people prefer "Plug & Play", when i'm saying, that the genre never was so popular on PC, and that Triple A games, don't sell well on PC, because this format does not work with the Plataform, people purchase consoles for Exclusives, and for Next Gen Games.


The Sims, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Cross-fire, are much more popular than any Triple A Game on pc, and the PC, will never have a triple A game, even close of geting those numbers, but if the Consoles, had not any exclusive, the people from Consoles would move for PC, the games would be Focused on what is Selling on PC, and would be much hard to get Triple A Games, din't you saw how Sega, Konami, Square, were changing for Mobile, and Panchiko, on the first opportunity ?, Consoles without exclusives would kill the industry.

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Things were quite different when Wolfenstein 3D and Doom launched..I remember everyone and their mothers had those games and played them on PC but no-one had actually bought them...

KiigelHeart said:
Things were quite different when Wolfenstein 3D and Doom launched..I remember everyone and their mothers had those games and played them on PC but no-one had actually bought them...

Every single person that i know, had all the PS1, and PS2, games from Piracy, never had one single original disc, to say the Truth, those Original Discs were Legends, because we only heard about them, but really din't saw a single one, Piracy, is out of Contest, the Consoles also Had a lot of Piracy.


and All the Shooters on PC, did not had a Blockbuster sucess compared to the consoles, had really a modest sucess for a game, the Games are average 1 Million Seller, the Playstation 1, the best selling console of the Generation, and with the Easiest for piracy, because of the CD Format, had over 112, 1 Million Seller, even with Piracy.


I'm just saying that PC Gaming, was not a thing back to the 90s, Today the thing is much bigger, Games recent launched like The Witcher 3's PC Version, out-selling any Doom Game on PC, PC Gaming, is bigger now, yes they can have created the genre, but without the Crowd of the Consoles, the genre would not became so Popular, Call of Duty's Franchise, sold much more than 200 Millions just on Consoles, so Saying that PC Gaming, was bigger like Nowdays, on the old days of the 90s, is something really ridiculous.


Skyrim's PC Version, sold more on Steam, tham Doom 1 + Doom 2 + Quake + Quake 2 + Quake 3 + Quake 4 + Quake Spin-off + Wolfenstein + Duken Nukem 3D, Combined.


So how the PC Gaming, was so big on the 90s ?, i cannot understand, of course had a big growth, but was not so big back then.

How many PC gamers there were compared to console gamers? Back in a day I mean

KiigelHeart said:
How many PC gamers there were compared to console gamers? Back in a day I mean

Is what i'm was saying, that the PC Gaming, was not so big back to when Triple A Games born,  just made good games, but not so popular than the console games.


Even Nowdays, if you make a Triple A Game, for PC, and not for Consoles, you budget will be very small, but the game is only on consoles, and not on PC, will still have the enought Budget, and will make a lot of profit, just on Consoles.


The Triple A Market, cannot auto-sustain without the console Market, even Gabe Newel, the owner of Steam, make their games for Consoles.


Without the consoles, the Triple A Market, is dead, my point is that when Call of Duty Black Ops, first launched on the late 2000s, the PC Gaming, was stillgrowing, and the majority of the fans were Console Gamers, that chose a console also for Exclusives, and that just the Call of Duty Franchise, have 15-20 Millions of Loyal fans that will purchase the game for every entry, does not means that the majority of the gamers play Call of Duty.

Same for Fifa, have a loyal fanbase of over 7-10 Millions, that aways purchase the next entry, those guys, majority are not new players, are loyal for the Franchise, otherwise, those Year, per Year Franchises, would not sell this much.