Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Patchter thinks wii fit will not sell 10 million units,

I think WiiFit will sell unlike anything before. I dont mean that in a OMGZ itS da megaton seller!1!! way, I mean it in an 'it's an unprecedented product' way. It really is a wild card. If Nintendo can convince the WiiSPorts people to go out and by another game then it could be astronomical, probably > 50% attach. At this moment that would be about 3M in Japan, 3.5M in Europe, and 5M in America, well over 10M WW. Nintendo could also do a WiiFit bundle to take the baton from WiiSports and achieve even greater sales for WiiFit. But that is all hypothetical, Patcher could just as easily be.... *gulp* right. (there's something I never imagined saying.)


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