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I liked Rayman and Zombi-U. They're not as bad as EA imo.

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No because I don't consider climbing towers and collecting arbitrarily placed objects as good or entertaining gameplay mechanics.

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Is this thread satire?

Wagram said:
Is this thread satire?

Sadly, no.

Ubisoft is a great example of quantity over quality. They either need to stop developing so many games at once, or manage their resources better. For example, Assassin's Creed Rogue didn't need to exist. They should've put those devs on the Unity team to make sure that game wasn't a broken mess. Look at all the AAA releases they tried to put out in 2014. They should've spread them out a bit. Watch Dogs should've been delayed to 2015. The Far Cry guys are fine. Their game wasn't a disaster. But seriously, Ubisoft is a mess.

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Not for me.. :/

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