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Forums - Music Discussion - Did you have Music lessons during secondary school ?


Did you have Music lessons during secondary (or any other) school ?

Yes, I attended lessons at school 14 73.68%
Yes, I had an optional course 1 5.26%
Yes, I attended to private lessons 0 0%
No. 4 21.05%

I had music lessons right up until graduation.

In primary school it was mostly singing songs, while the teacher played the guitar, and learning about classical music and how to interpret it, and about the diffrent instruments. I know a lot of people have to learn the flute in primary school (It's an ovious choice since it's a relatively cheap and easy to obtain instrument) but that wasn't the case in my school. We sang a lot of 80's and early 90's pop-songs though. :P

In secondary, music was devided into theory and practical lessons. In the practical ones we build little bands, chose our own instruments and songs, learned how to play them and would have to perform in school festivals and such. (Instruments were provided by the school and if you showed genuine interest you were allowed to take certain ones home or practice on them after school hours.)
In music theory we learned about diffrent kinds of music (classical, film scores, pop music, etc.) and their influence on people and how they are used. In addition to that we had to learn to read sheet music (wich I propmly forgot again after every exam) and write essays about diffrent musicians and composers.
We had 4-5 hours of music lessons a week.

Then during the last two years of school the system used to open up and you had a lot of flexibility choosing courses to your own unique needs and liking. There was some rules of course, and one of them was that you had to choose at least one creative subject. You could choose between art lessons, drama lessons, only practical music lessons or practical and theoretical music lessons.

I was in the advanced art course, the drama course and practical music course until graduation.
So in the last two years I had two hours of music a week.

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On 8th grade, when I was 12-13 years old, I've had music lessons, but I only managed to play the recorder. That's it. I was wishing to learn something more... challenging, like a piano. I would've loved to play the piano more than any other instrument. A waste of time, I would guess.

Nogamez said:
Yep until age 14 I think, after that was optional. Think we watched more videos then actually learning music though

I thought I was the only one. The teacher had us watch a bunch of videos about music, including one, which I believed had Tom Bergeron saying "Tubaaaaaaaaaaaaa...". And she put on a movie about Beethoven, not even a documentary. And she even put on Amadeus, and we couldn't even watch it completely, which seems like a crime. It was frustrating that there weren't many instruments to practice with. On top of that, the classroom was small.

Yes, 1st - 5th grade. I was also in band from 3rd-10th grade. Played Clarinet and Alto Sax.

Yes, I had music lessons since kindergarten. I know trombone and guitar as well as can play bass guitar.