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Rate the mod team!

A 19 17.92%
B 11 10.38%
C 23 21.70%
Isn't that a Jackson Five song? 2 1.89%
I want Amy's babies! 13 12.26%
Rol should be a mod. 30 28.30%
Scoreboard 8 7.55%
ReimTime said:
Tachikoma said:
ganoncrotch said:


The Phil/Mouth/Penis comment almost cost me a monitor here, after Xmas my poor HP monitor found itself far closer to me and was in the splash zone for a blast of coffee I was drinking when I read it.

Shouldn't aim to give the other mods a hard time tho when you know just how shit a job it is to basically be a firefighter who's only tool is a can of hairspray! Also your non moderator work and additions to the site were very good so would be a shame to see you removed completely, maybe just go back to some of those days?

Sorry if this comment isn't really co-herant, suffering a massive hypoglcemic attack and wanted to make the post before powering off pc to fix that.... cos I'm a derp and put posting here over healt lol, wtf @ me.

I stand by that comment completely, the guy is and always will be an annoying little shitstain.

And I feel you on not making the mods jobs harder, most if them (the ones actually doing their job and not just winging it to dish out bans whenever someone slights Nintendo right amy?) Are genuinely good folk and highly underappreciated by both users and ioi.


I just don't want to put my hand over my mouth and pretend to play nice anymore, far too draining and far too pointless to pussyfoot around what you want to say, in a way I see it as making the mods jobs easier, outright calling someone a cunt is a lot easier to moderate than the sketchy as fuck around the houses slight if hand microjabs many users have adopted to get around moderation.

And in doing that you are stooping to their level. I know this because I've stooped low several times - although I was mostly kidding around except for one recent time. There really is no way of winning unless you completely ignore them. No matter how many times you tell a color blind child that all his crayons aren't actually gray, he will never agree - especially when his type band together and leak their convenient "all crayons are gray" truths into their own shared cesspool so they feel good about themselves. Calling him stupid won't stop him, and disapproving adults will berate you. You're wasting your energy. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy: call someone a shitstain enough and you'll eventually become one.

But it looks like I'm too late. If you have the goal of being permabanned for good then I can only say you're already on his level. You're just losing all the respect you built up by returning only to damage your own reputation. There is no blaze of glory here and you won't prove anything. It's a shame really; I remember you being a pretty damn good user.

What gives?


You're under the impression that I care about my reputation on this forum, that's where you're going wrong.

I don't care to "prove anything" or any bullshit like that, I permabanned myself and wanted it to stay that way, after making it fucking abundantly clear I hate this place, I permabanned Tamron too but the mods only unbanned me, fuck knows why and my only intention of posting here is for them to put the ban on myself back and fucking leave it be.


Mods: ban my account and fucking leave it banned , Jesus Christ.

Permabanned - Miguel_Zorro

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Tachikoma said:
Slade6alpha said:

Since we're talking about hot topics... anyone want to tell me (PM) me what the fuck happened to Tachi? Did she get hacked, or just go crazy? 

Mods undid my perma after I made it explicitly clear I was done with the place, so I decided I'd continue posting but only if I posted exactly what was on my mind rather than being "civil" about it, with the goal of being perma'd properly.

Yes, it's pretty obvious that you have been working towards bans.

I suppose the mods didn't grant you your wish because you've been permabanned at least three times before, so they might as well leave your account open, so that you can go straight back to posting the moment you've decided that you want to return.

Also, I have my doubts that you would be permabanned properly when I take into account which people have been allowed to return to the site in the past. I think it wouldn't take more than an apology e-mail from you for the mods to welcome you back with open arms. What I am trying to get at is that the only person who can put you permanently away from VGC is yourself, in which case the status of your account is irrelevant. You've returned from permabans before, so I see no good reason why another one would prevent your return. You will have to close the chapter VGC all by yourself, because the mods clearly can't be counted on.

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