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Take luck friend.

Love and tolerate.

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Man, this makes me feel like I've flown completely under the radar. I've been on this site for only a year less than under and I'm barely part of the community. Hell, I have nowhere near the number of contacts/friends that you just reeled off.

Best of luck with what you're moving on to.

Gilgamesh said:

I don't understand why people need to permantly leave a website, It's too bad you have to leave but why not just frequent the site less and less, are you not intrigued about the sales numbers anymore? (the main reason most of us are here).  Just pop in from time to time to say hello, unless your moving away to the Amazon rainforest and your not going to have internet, regardless your probably going to be lurking now offline is what you mean? 

Anyway sad to see you go you were a big piece to this site.

Without knowing what Smeags' case is, sometimes clean breaks are just easier. If you feel like VGC is a big part of who you are, but maybe it's also holding you back, or there are just more important things you need to look after, then a clean break is easier I would say; that way you don't have to try and pretend that you have room for it in your life right now.

Best of luck Smeags. You can take my word for it: a break can do you good. Also, apology accepted!

I am very sad

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O i wanted to give you my highlight deffo when you had to do the top 500 list thread multiple times due to sneaking in posts that was quite fun totally worth the ban and lost alts;p

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Wait... I'm just reading this now...

Smeags! You are a great guy. Sad to see you go, but I wish you well!

I know what it feels like to leave your digital home.
I used to be part of a forum community that lasted for about 10 years, in between 2001 and 2012. I didn't leave it per say, but the site owner closed it down eventually. The last few years I wasn't as active on it as I would have liked to be. But the people I met there meant a lot to me, and still do, as I still have contact with many of them today.

Not sure what your reasons are for leaving, life demands our focus in different areas from time to time.
I don't remember if I've ever seen your doodles, but from what I remember of you, you seem like a cool guy, and people always speak highly of you. That's a good legacy to leave behind.

Good luck with everything.

Wow only just noticed this. Cant believe your leaving dude. So sad to see another long time vgc user leave this site and even more sad its such a great user such as yourself. Anyway dude i wish you the best of luck in whatever you do and hope you will check in on us from time to time .

Dang can't believe you're leaving dude. Even a lurker like me has to say goodbye. Thanks for all the fun and heres to having the same #1 game the last couple years. I hope all the best for you dude.

don't waste time

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I haven't been on the site in weeks, and when I come back I find this. Thanks for the shout out. You were always one of the good ones. I will miss you.

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