Forums - NSFW Discussion - As a man has a woman ever hit/kicked you in the nut sack?

As a man, women have.

Hit/kicked me in the testicles. 3 20.00%
Nut sack, verbal abuse and emotional abuse. 0 0.00%
Nut sack, verbal/emotiona... 3 20.00%
All of the above and also tried to kill me. 0 0.00%
The poll does not apply to me gender. 0 0.00%
Not once. Never. 9 60.00%
I'm too manly to admit it or in denial. 0 0.00%
Versus_Evil said:
Emotionally abused me for 7 years, but its my Fiancé and im still wth her so I geuss it doesn't count....


Well, they all do. You're no different than anyone else in your...situation. Unless its like daily onslaughts of abuse, manipulation and emotional black mail then, my sympathys.


China Numba wan!!

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Only light buddy punching/slapping
'Tis all good

Moving this out of the Gaming Discussion Forum.

When I was in elementary school, the girls for a few years went into this "kick every boys' balls" phase for some reason. I guess they discovered it was a guy's kryptonite and repeatedly used it against us. I guess some teacher finally put a stop to it because it just stopped all of a sudden. All the way til high school, I would pay attention to a girl's feet and mood.

In my adult life, I haven't experienced any of that though.