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Forums - Politics Discussion - Are you right wing or left wing?


Are you left winged or right winged?

Right winged! 144 48.00%
Left winged! 156 52.00%
bouzane said:
JamesGoblin said:
AsGryffynn said:
I am a communist. No bonus points for guessing where that puts me...

Anything but extreme right puts you on "the left" today.


and vice versa. I love how because I am a moderate I am called a fascist by the collectivist left and a communist by the collectivist right.

I don't mind centrists. I am not going to start a civil war and send people to gulags. I'll just do an study of companies with asshole owners, disown them and tell the employees they all have a share in the company and will now take the decision themselves. Replace the meeting room with a meeting chamber.

Communism is not the state ruling everything, it's all about the workers, and them having a say in what they do and how they are rewarded for it.

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I am unambiguously on the Left, but my distance from the Center depends on wherever you believe the Center to be. I have never, ever been called a Conservative, but I have been called everything from a Centrist to a full-fledged Hammer-and-Sickle Communist (there are some very excitable fear-mongers in the West).  I am a Socialist, and you are free to take that however you like.  

I am however very religious/spiritual and some tend to think that's Right-Wing thinking. It's not, but I understand where that sentiment is coming from.

Here's a poll that attempts to break this down by demographic: