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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Star Ocean 5 Integrity and Faithlessness (PS4/PS3) - Jump Festa 2016 Trailer

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What is your favorite Star Ocean game?

Star Ocean/First Departure 0 0%
Star Ocean The Second Story/Second Evolution 0 0%
Star Ocean Till The End Of Time 5 83.33%
Star Ocean Blue Sphere 0 0%
Star Ocean The Last Hope/International 1 16.67%
dahuman said:

They are smart to make sure the PS3 version makes it first, cause I'd otherwise not play it lol, and I'm sure I'm on of the many.


Makes it first? What you mean ;o


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PS3 version isn't releasing over here.

Oh, my mistake, they can go fuck off then -_^b

I'm so hyped. The trailer looks so promising. They better not fuck it up and this better sell great!!