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QTE's are...

Shit 57 50.44%
Good for cutscenes 43 38.05%
Fantastic. 13 11.50%

Yep RE6 ones were bad. Also played a few games that with increasing difficulties, QTEs would become shorter and if you missed one button with a very small time of reaction no choice but simply had to re-do everything from the start. That was just complete bs.

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theprof00 said:
Cloudman said:

Yeah, I didn't play those, haha... Guess I didn't hear about them as a kid. I was a ninties kid though, haha. Good tiimes/

the format and styles are different though, and monkey island is considered one of the best games of all time, so I'd check it out if you can.

PC versions only, no console stuff. Though grim fandango is available on psn, and I'd get that one since it's optimized.

Hmm, is Monkey Island on Steam? I could get it there. I'll check that later.



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