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Forums - Sports Discussion - Ronda Rousey Just Got KTFO

Ganoncrotch said:
OneKartVita said:
ganoncrotch said:

[citation needed]

Personal experience.  I used to always get into fights when I was young until I started boxing.  It gets all the anger out in a safe and controlled way.  


Local boxing clubs in rough communities do wonders for the youth. That's a fact.

Could be time to google "Binky facts and opinions" !

But yeah there is some benefits of Boxing clubs but there is also some massive negatives to them and when it comes to teenagers with anger issues should you really be teaching them that a way to get that out of their system is by smashing someones face in until they are ko'd? What happens when said Teen has a partner and kids meaning they don't have time to get out to spar in a club anymore? I'd personally say that if someone has issues of that nature that finding the root of them in counciling would be a far better and long term solution than giving them another person to punch until the issues have subsided.

Think of all the kids who die from obesity related diseases who could be saved if they boxed.  Or criminals who could be steered in the right direction.  


You say they could do better than box because it can damage you,  but these angry kids are going to hit people on the street if they don't do it in a safe environment with mentors steering them in the right direction.