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BraLoD said:
Considering the lower machines won't, and will still be more expensive, they are actually lying.

Of course a $5000 one will have way better specs, though.

Still, nothing is stealling PS4 thunder this gen, nothing.

you couldn't be further from the truth all the comsoles combined don't have more thunder than a decent pc ;)

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Would it always just be cheaper to build your own pc with steam OS.

binary solo said:
HoloDust said:

Alienware's $450 Steam machine is the cheapest one, and that 860M inside it is not faster than PS4's GPU (close in some games, but note there really).

It is faster that XOne though, so they're only Half-Lying.

Seems like they are still completely lying, because they said for the same price and $450 is not the same price as $350.

But it is very possible that I could switch to Steam Machine in the next generation if there are no PS franchises that carry me over to the 9th gen. It may come down to price at the time.

Due to AMD being always late (and Intel and NVidia not really trying to offer more for less in the mid-low end until competition pushes them to do it), cheap gaming PCs, including cheap SteamBoxes, will probably outperform 8th gen consoles next year instead of this year as the most optimistic ones hoped.

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