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1. Camelot Unchained (PC, Windows), sandbox RvR(PvP) MMORPG; Developer and US (likely EU also) publisher - City State Entertainment; Release date - late 2016 (this is very optimistic) but much more likely Q1/Q2 2017.

2. Crowfall (PC, Windows), sandbox PvP MMORPG; Developer and US (likely EU also) publisher - ArtCraft Entertainment; Scheduled release date - December 2016 (this date is IMO quite optimistic).

3. Pathologic (me: PC, Windows; also developed for PC MAC/Linux and PS4, Xbox One), "a plot-driven survival open world adventure"; Developer - Ice-Pick Lodge; Scheduled release date - fall 2016.

4. Albion Online (Me:Windows; also developed for Mac, Linux, iOS and Android), MMORPG PvP sandbox; Developer - Sandbox Interactive; Release date - TBA (currently in closed beta).

5. Revival (PC, Windows + ? ), sandbox multiplayer/MMO fantasy RPG; Developer - Illfonic; Release date - TBA (certainly 2017, or later - currently in pre-alpha).

    CU......or CF ?

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Just a couple of days left in the month! Get your last minute then!

1. Atelier Sophie - PS4
2. Star Ocean - PS4
3. Exist Archive - PS4
4. Quantum Break - X1
5. Gravity Rush 2 - PS4

Voting has ended. Will post results later today! :D